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A Salutary Corrective in Scalia’s Funeral

22 February, 2016 0 Comments

Fr Pilon’s excellent report from The Catholic Thing provides a historical perspective on some of the trends in modern Catholic funerals we’re analysed in the past – Ed.

[The Celebrant, Fr Paul Scalia] stated that he also was fulfilling what he was certain was the will of his father, whom he told us really despised eulogies if for no other reason than that they tended to deprive the deceased of the prayers he would otherwise benefit from if the focus were not on his virtues.

Antonin Scalia’s Funeral (Photo: The Catholic Thing)

By Fr Mark A Pilon, “The Catholic Thing”, Sunday, February 21


I had a Nunc Dimittis moment yesterday, watching the funeral of Judge Scalia. My guess is that I wasn’t alone. I have been waiting for fifty-two years for some corrective to the kind of Catholic funeral liturgy that began to take hold with the Funeral Mass for President Kennedy in 1963. With that particular liturgy, there began the deterioration of Catholic funerals across this land. And now that has received a certain corrective in the beautiful liturgy at the National Shrine. It was a true liturgy, which means it was focused overwhelmingly on the Lord Jesus Christ and only secondarily on the deceased.

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