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Catholic Priest Denies Burning Down 17 of the Ugliest Churches Ever Built.

12 May, 2015 0 Comments

Alas, it’s a joke – as the last para makes clear. Otherwise I could think of a few Canberra Churches that would benefit from a visit by Fr Ash – Ed.

From the Blog “Faith in Our Families”.

“Forensics traced the source of this fire back to the sacristy. That didn’t surprise me at all. There was just so much polyester in there. At night you could hear crackling and literally see sparks as the low quality vestments brushed against each other. The levels of static electricity in that place were OFF THE CHART. Vanpoulles has got a lot to answer for.”

"Polish born Fr Pileov Ash". (Photo:

Police are questioning a 38 year old Catholic priest on charges of arson after 17 out of 18 churches he was stationed at burned to the ground over a 13 year period. Polish born Fr. Pileov Ash denies the charges saying that the events are an “unexplainable co-incidence”.

As part of the interrogation process, Fr. Ash has been asked to take a lie detector test while being exposed to a series of slides – each containing photographs of some of the churches he was stationed at before the fires took place.

Santa Monica Catholic Church, Spain. And a Spaceship. (photo:

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