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In Beer Veritas

14 October, 2014 0 Comments

After that last, I need a drink…

By Rod Dreher, American Conservative

I asked Fr. Martin how brewing beer serves the Church. He said that you’d be surprised by how many people who aren’t especially interested in Christianity taste the beer and find that it really tastes good. Then they want to know more about how it’s made, and sooner or later, some of them want to know about the faith. Besides, he said, drinking beer makes the heart glad.

The monks of Norcia are Benedictines who pray the old mass, and who chant the hours in Latin. To be in their basilica during mass or the hours is like stepping into another century. To describe it as aesthetically rich and spiritually nourishing hardly does the experience justice.

"That the heart may be gladdened" - photo: American Conservative

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