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In the Confessional

9 August, 2013 0 Comments

The Julian Calendar

By Julian O’Dea

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been nearly three months since my last column.”

I know, my son. I read it. Oriens is essential reading for all good Catholics.

“I am glad you think so.”

Is there anything in particular troubling you? Or just the usual sins of a middle-aged man with access to the Internet?

“Well, I did have some questions, about the church.”

Oh dear. Really.

“And my last column in Oriens.”

Yes. Go on.

“I am worried about the church. She seems to be in such turmoil.”

The church has always been in turmoil. Why are you worrying about the church? She is the bride of Christ. Not your bride. You have a wife. Worry about her.

“Well I am having to try really hard to like this new pope.  He is certainly a change in style.”

Yes. He is.

“He just seems so random. And he tweets.”

He is giving the Angelus address still. Some things do not change. And you cannot expect he will please everybody all the time. But yes, he could do with an editor.

“What about this Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate thing? I sometimes like going to the Latin Mass.”

But you can still go, personally?

“Yes. And I should really get along more often. Better add that to my sins.”

Then it is not really your immediate concern or even your business. I am sure there was more going on in that case than you or I will ever know. I must say this reminds me of you complaining about the Luminous Mysteries.

“Because I only ever say one decade anyway? Yes. Did you like my last column?”

Speaking of your sins and failings …

“Was I too hard on the Prime Minister?”

She is now the ex-Prime Minister. Does that answer your question?

“I suppose.”

Make it the usual three Our Fathers. And add a Hail Mary for making silly jokes.

“Thank you, Father. God bless you.”

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