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Pentecost Missa Cantata in Hobart

16 June, 2014 0 Comments

By Joshua

I came across the excellent blog PSALLITE SAPIENTER, recently. I’m sure many readers will enjoy the post for Pentecost, which contains a potted summary of the history of the TLM in Hobart – a history which could be described as “mixed”, although Joshua charitably emphasises the positives.

“To-day, for our Latin Mass in Hobart, we were back where it all began, at Sacred Heart, New Town, where Fr (now Bp) Jarrett began the monthly Missæ cantatæ in the nineties. It was my parish at the time, and I have fond memories of my time there.”

Sacred Heart Church, New Town

Sacred Heart Church, New Town

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And, in a lighter vein, have a look at the case for a Southern Hemisphere calendar, Christmas in June, in the post immediately below!

In return, I think it’s only fair to ask you to recite the following prayer (Latin or English, take your pick.)

Lyle Dunne.

Précibus Sancti Patrícii, Epíscopi et Confessóris tui, Divínam tuam obsecrámus Majestátem: ut nos te cólere, te adoráre permíttas secúndum ritum Latínum Sanctæ Románæ Ecclésiæ tráditum, cunctis saltem diébus Domínicis et festis:

Acceptábilis tibi sit, Dómine exercítuum, hæc oblátio munda; quam per beáti Patrícii labóres ab ortu solis usque ad occásum magno nómini tuo in géntibus offérri voluísti. Per Christum Dóminum nostrum. Amen.


Through the prayers of St Patrick, Thy Bishop and Confessor, we entreat Thy Divine Majesty, that Thou permit us to worship and adore Thee according to the Traditional Latin Rite of the Holy Roman Church, at least on all Sundays and Holy Days:
May this clean oblation be acceptable unto Thee, O Lord of hosts, which, through the labours of blessed Patrick, from the rising to the setting of the sun, shall be offered unto Thy great Name among the nations, as Thou hast willed. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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