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Three Cheers for the Mennonites

3 June, 2014 0 Comments

Does the Obama government consider the duty to defend your homeland less essential than the “duty” to pay for your staff’s abortions?

By Brandon McGinley | National Review | May 19, 2014

The Mennonites are an Anabaptist sect with some strange ideas. They carry pacifism to the extent of not being involved in the coercive use of the law, so they don’t stand for political office, join the police force, or, generally, sue people.

One group of US Mennonites, however, has had enough, and decided to take on the Obama government. They run a cabinet-making business, and take the view that they should not have to provide abortifacient chemicals to their staff as part of a so-called “health care” plan.

And of course they’re dead right.

Further, they claim the US Constitution’s freedom of religion provisions give them the right to opt out.

The National Review considers the US government’s radically different responses to their conscientious objections to military service and to paying for abortion, and asks whether this means the Obama government considers the duty to defend your homeland is less essential than the “duty” to pay for your staff’s abortions.

In the article, Mennonite and reluctant businessman Anthony Hahn issues a timely reminder that “This life is temporary and the fullness of life is in Heaven”.

I don’t know about you, but if I lived anywhere near East Earl, Pennsylvania – say, on the same continent – I’d try very hard to patronise the Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation.

I’m pretty sure they won’t cheat you.

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